SETAC Europe Meeting, Basel

May 11th - 15th 2014


Detection and characterization of nanomaterials in complex aqueous matrices


An ever increasing amount of nanomaterials is being employed in industry and various consumer products, such as health care products. As a consequence, the chance that this nanoparticulate matter can filter into the environment is mounting. Tools that allow the detection and characterisation of nanomaterials are therefore vital. Nanoparticles can be of miscellaneous nature. The main criterion of discrimination is their chemical composition. Apart from that the nanoparticles differ in shape, size and capping agents. The numerous distinction criteria show that analysis of nanoparticles is complex.


This session held during SETAC Europe Meeting in Basel, Switzerland is addressed to researchers from academia, government, industry or research institutes. We invite people to share their findings and methods with the scientific community. The aim is to generate an overview of the current state of nanoparticle analysis and to provoke a discussion about the challenges this field has in store.


For further information and abstract submission please visit the meeting´s website:


The dealine for abstract submission is November 30th 2013