3rd FFF-MS Workshop, Vienna

September 05th - 06th 2015


Natural colloids are defined as organic or inorganic entities, naturally occurring in the (aquatic) environment with at least one dimension in the size range of 1 nm – 1 µm. Natural colloids play an important role in binding and transporting (anthropogenic) compounds, e.g., trace and toxic metal(loid)s, radionuclides, and nutrients.


FFF/ICP-MS evolved as a powerful indispensable tool in the field of natural colloid analysis helping to unravel the distribution of elements among different colloidal size fractions on a qualitative and quantitative manner.


Research in the field of natural colloids is an ongoing issue and, hence, the 3rd Workshop on Field Flow Fractionation (FFF) and Mass Spectrometric techniques (MS) will focus on the analysis of natural colloids.


Part I (first day – free of charge) will start with two survey lectures given by experts in the field: Prof. Lee Ferguson (Duke University, USA), and Prof. Horst Geckeis (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany). Scientific presentations will complete the morning session – attendees giving a presentation will be completely reimbursed. During the afternoon session attendees will solve problems regarding data processing and analytical method development.


Part II of the workshop (second day – 280 €) is optional and will contain practical lab work. The University of Vienna (Environmental Geosciences) has several FFF systems (flow and centrifugal) and on-line coupled detectors (e.g., SLS, DLS, ICP-MS) available where users can collect practical experience and further discuss existing problems (restricted to: 10 participants, application required).


For further information please check the flyer:

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