2nd Sustainable Nanotechnology School, Italy

January 24th - 29th 2016


The achievement of safe nanoproducts requires an understanding of the properties, biological interactions, fate, risks and environmental impacts of manufactured nanomaterials (MN). The Sustainable Nanotechnology School aims to transfer the state of the art knowledge on these aspects from key experts to the new generation nano environmental, health and safety (EHS) professionals. In order to do so the school will highlight the best available experimental and modeling approaches and practices for physicochemical characterization, (eco)toxicity testing, exposure, risk, life-cycle impact assessment and decision support for sustainability of nanotechnologies and risk governance, taking various stakeholder perspectives and ethical issues into account. The 2nd Sustainable Nanotechnology School will revisit and complement the knowledge transferred during the 1st edition of the school with a strong focus on laboratory and modelling exercises. The Sustainable Nanotechnology School is organized in the frame of the major EU FP7 projects SUN, the MODENA Cost Action and ECONANOSORB.


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