18th International Symposium on FFF - FFF2016, Dresden

May 22th - 26th 2016


The FFF symposia series has a main focus on the application of Field-Flow Fractionation and related techniques in the advanced material science. The meeting series are of interest to scientists and engineers concerned with separation and characterization of all types of polymers and particles in liquid media. Previous meetings have been quite successful and with a fairly broad focus covering nanoparticles & nanotechnology, synthetic and natural macromolecules, cells, viruses, & biological particles, proteins, drug delivery, toxicology, environmental, food & agriculture as well as instrumentation development and theory.


We can proudly announce the number of invited speakers who have agreed to give lectures: Helmut Coelfen (Konstanz, Germany), Martin Brandl (Odense, Denmark), Wei Gao (Midland, USA), Vince Hackley (Gaithersburg, MD, USA), Michael Maskos (Mainz, Germany), Antje Potthast (Vienna, Austria), Ulrich S. Schubert (Jena, Germany), Kim Williams (Golden, CO, USA), Francoise Winnik (Montreal, Canada)


In addition, talented young researchers will be given the opportunity to present their work, and firms may display relevant equipment and services. The meeting will be preceded by two one day-workshops:


Sa, May 21, 2016: "Basics of FFF Field-flow fractionation: Exciting perspectives for (bio-)polymer and nanoparticle separations"

Wim Kok (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Harald Pasch (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

So, May 22, 2016: "Biomedical applications FFF: A powerful tool for characterization of bioparticles and biomaterials"

Serge Battu (Limoges, France), Myeong Hee Moon (Seoul, Korea)


Enclosed please find the Call for Papers FFF2016:

FFF2016_Call for papers_2015-10-14.pdf
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