Goldschmidt Conference, Yokohama, Japan

June 26th - July 1st 2016


With respect to the forthcoming Goldschmidt Conference 2016 in Yokohama (Japan), we would like to draw your attention to session 15f:


Biogeochemistry of Emerging Inorganic and Organic Contaminants: Analytical Challenges, Natural Cycles, Anthropogenic Sources, and Environmental Impacts- link to website.


For this session, we invite contributions concerned with the detection, speciation, natural cycling, anthropogenic emissions, transport and environmental fate, as well as potential ecological and toxicological effects of emerging inorganic and organic contaminants. Topics of interest include, for example, analytical challenges, molecular level reaction mechanisms and basic low- temperature geochemical properties, or field studies on biogeochemical transformations and anthropogenic impacts.


Keynote speaker:  Yoshio Takahashi (University of Tokio, Japan)


The abstract submission deadline for the Goldschmidt conference 2016 is on February 26 2016.