Fate of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) in the urban water systems, surface- and groundwater


Wastewater- and sludge treatment

Agricultural use of sewage sludge

Incineration of sewage sludge



Surface water

High ionic strength media

Floodplain soils



Analyses of ENMs in complex environmental matrices

Field-flow fractionation

Hydrodynamic chromatography


Micelle-based separation

Filtration techniques

Light scattering


Electrochemical tools


Ecotoxicity of ENMs


Realistic exposure scenarios

Exposure characterisation

Bioavailability and trophic transfer

New model organisms

Alternative methods

The role of the biocorona in ecotoxicology


Environmental Risk Assessment


Standard Testing – fate & effects

Grouping of NMs based on ecotoxicological effects

New and novel ecotoxicity test methods

Safety Testing

Quality in Risk Assessment


Regulation of ENMs in water environments