WG1 - Fate and Transport of ENMs

To derive the needs in terms of performance of analytical methods (WG2), design of toxicity studies (WG3) and requirements in terms of legislation the assessment of fate and transport processes of ENMs in (waste-)water systems is required. Due to this, one of the most important research tasks of WG1 will comprise setting up spiking experiments of selected ENMs in experimental facilities, e.g., pilot scale waster-water treatment plants (WWTPs). Materials of interest in first instance will include: silver, titanium dioxide (TiO2) and Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs). Based on the dialog with public authorities and industries and on literature survey conducted, further materials can easily included in the experimental procedures. Upon data obtained a strategy will be derived to give further advice for dedicated research.


Chair: Dr. R. Kaegi (EAWAG, Switzerland)

Vice-Chair: Prof. M. Burkhardt (UMTEC, Switzerland)