WG3 - From Toxicity Studies to Regulation

The first common thread in WG3 addresses the available (eco)toxicological data and connects it with recent information from WG1 (fate) and WG2 (analytics). The overall question is which data sets are sufficiently valid from an analytical and environmental point of view to support the decision making process. The objective to close existing gaps in the available (eco)toxicity database will be included in the activities of this WG. Studies addressing the toxicological impact of ENMs after they enter the freshwater sediment system are lacking.


The sediment is considered as the final sink for pollutants entering the aquatic environment – due to this its most likely that ENMs introduced into the aquatic environment will also ultimately end up in the sediment. Although there are some ecotoxicity studies on marine sediments, porewater and elutriates; at present, data regarding ENMs in soils and sediments are obtained under “real” conditions (despite modelling results) are not available.


A further important task of WG3 is linking scientific results to the decision making process.


Chair: Dr. A. Macken (NIVA, Norway)

Vice-Chair: A. Gutleb (Department of Environment and Agrobiotechnology, Luxembourg)